Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time is flying by...

Well I am now over 7.5 months and I can't believe how fast it has already gone! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. we had our first OB appointment this week and it went well. Typical Dr visit- check weight, blood pressure and urine for protein- all is well! The baby is a mover that is for sure! Everytime they put the doppler on my belly the baby is always moving around- hopefully it will be this anxious to get out when the time comes!
We are off to Florida soon- only 6 more sleeps! We are both looking forward to relaxing and spending time together to prepare for our baby. This will be our last vacation together before we start our family! Wow that seems weird to say - our family :)

Anyhoo, signing off for the night!