Monday, September 10, 2007

Thump, Thump!

Well today was our first ultrasound appointment- they day we see our babies heartbeat! We were filled with excitement and a bit of nervousness. All went well! It was such a neat thing to see and hear! There is only one baby so a bit of relief for Dan ( although he would be happy with 2) The babies heatbeat was 181 beats per minute. We saw it moving around- the head and the arms. It almost looked like it was waving at us! I am 9 weeks and will have my next ultrasound on Oct 4th when I will be 12 weeks. I can't wait to see how much the baby grows.

I am also happy that I am feeling better this week. I didn't have morning sickness but was nautious for the past 2 weeks. All part of our exciting journey. Oh almost forgot our due date is April 12th. Another Aries in the house should be interesting!

Siging off for now!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Blogging the journey

Well I lied- I said I wouldn't wait this long until I posted another blog and I did! Sorry

Well things have been pretty normal except that I have been feeling nautious for the past few weeks. Some foods just really turn my stomach and then some things I just crave like ham and cheese sub from subway- go figure!!

We are going to the Dr's on monday for an ultrasound to see the heartbeat. We are really excited about this day because it will really make things real in our world. I can't wait! I will have to schedule my 3 month ultrasound soon as well.

It really has been killing us not telling anyone about our exciting news but we wanted to be safe rather than sorry. After we had to cancel our first IVF procedure we decided that we would keep it quiet. There are a few people that know but that is only my parents, sister and father-in-law. We know our news is safe with them although they are anxious to spread the word too!

We have decided that we are going to have a little get together on Oct 5th. The get together is really to tell all of our friends the news. We figured this was the best way to tell everyone at the same time. We just hope that people understand why we have kept this quiet.

Anyhoo, I am at work so I will sign off until monday!