Thursday, April 10, 2008

Itchy,Itchy,Scratchy, Scratchy!

OMG is all I can say! I am not sure why or how this started but for the past week I have been unbearably itchy! I can't stop scratching my entire body. I have heard that some women experience it during pregnancy but I thought I lucked out and than bammo at 39 weeks pregnant the itch hit! LOL

Well it is 2 days until my due date! Wow I can't believe how fast that went. Seems like yesterday this all started. We are ready to welcome our little one into our lives. Sure hope Bronx and Riley are too! I went to the Dr last week and I was already 2 cm dilated! He did a procedure on me called a membrance sweep. This is supposed to help bring on labour naturally. The Dr was certain that we would have a baby before the weekend. Of course I was so excited so I called my Mom and she decided that she would make her way down for the weekend. Well what do you know Dr's can be wrong! No baby! It was disappointing but life goes on. I went for another Dr appt on Monday and I was 3 cm dilated and the baby is now "engaged". The Dr was happy with the progress so far so now we wait.

I finished work yesterday so I am taking this time before the birth to relax and enjoy quietness as I know it! It won't be long before I am getting up every few hours to nurse and start being a Mommy! I have a great support system with Dan and I already know that he is going to be a fantastic Daddy. He has been great throughout my pregnancy and really helped out whenever he could without any complaints. He is an awesome man and I couldn't have married anyone better.

Well that's all folks! Next time I write it will likely be after the baby is here. Wish us luck!

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